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Entre mil cabezas me muevo sin ser visto. Soy. Existo. Toco. Duermo, Pero nadie me ve, nadie me escucha.


Soy una sombra de mil cabezas, un amigo pasajero donde nadie hay ya, donde nadie queda a estas alturas.


El cielo ya está despejado y su intenso azul me hiere en mis retinas.


Una sombra que es rechazada en una mala palabra, en un mal momento y en un mal lugar, una sombra que se torna corpórea cuando alguien necesita un culpable.


Una sombra que una vez cumplido su cometido, vuelve a su estado de perpetua negrura, pegada adonde quiera que vaya, amoldándose a cualquier superficie, a cualquier situación.



  1. I’ve been away for a while now,
    You’ve got me feeling like a child now,
    ‘Cause every time I see your bubbly face,
    I get the tingles in a silly place.

    It starts in my toes,
    And I crinkle my nose,
    Wherever it goes,
    I always know,
    That you make me smile,
    Please stay for a while now,
    Just take your time wherever you go.

    The rain is falling on my window pane,
    But we are hiding in a safer place,
    Undercover staying dry and warm,
    You give me feelings that I adore.

    They start in my toes,
    Make me crinkle my nose,

    But what am I going to say?
    When you make me feel this way.
    I just… mmm..

    It starts in my toes,
    Makes me crinkle my nose,

    I’ve been asleep for a while now,
    You tuck me in just like a child now,
    ‘Cause every time you hold me in your arms,
    I’m comfortable enough to feel your warmth

    It starts in my soul,
    And I lose all control,
    When you kiss my nose,
    The feeling shows,
    ‘Cause you make me smile,
    Baby, just take your time now,
    Holding me tight

    Wherever, wherever, wherever you go.
    Wherever, wherever, wherever you go.
    Wherever you go,
    I always know,
    ‘Cause you make smile,
    Even just for while.

  2. Once Loved

    Dirtying and yellowing –
    Dreaming of my night of fame.
    Wishing for another;
    Another night of dancing; whirling, twirling, swishing, dancing;
    Another night spent out on the town.
    Instead, I am hung.

    I can’t remember my tone;
    To remember would kill me. I was gorgeous.
    My eyes buttons of pearl.
    My skin was soft.
    A softness now ruined by the dust from the other ones.
    From the other ones who hung with me.

    Velvet, satin, cotton or lace?
    Or silk?
    What was I?
    What am I?
    I was once loved.
    I am once loved.
    Once loved.

    I brought along a one-night-stand; I shamefully admit.
    I encouraged a loving courtship; I wishfully dream.
    Or turned their eyes away; I regretfully scream.
    I refuse to have been these.
    I was beautiful when I was loved.

    A one-hit wonder, that’s all I was.
    But boy was I a hit.
    Enchantingly floaty.
    They heard my smell, smelt my touch, felt my sound.
    I was the meaning of synthesis.

    It was years ago.
    I still haven’t been discarded.
    Maybe one day – those scenes can be replayed.
    I’ll run along the pier, whipping thigh high.

    Maybe one day I’ll dance again.
    I’ll fly in the arms of another.
    Playing the part of the so-called “accessory”. But I’m not.
    I’m the real deal.
    The piece of material that made him sparkle.
    I sparkled

    Dirtying and yellowing in a shop full of us.
    Full of “once loved”s
    Row upon row.
    Hung according to colour.
    Gathering dust I wait.
    I wait to be once loved.


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